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New imprint launched for gay and lesbian titles!

As one of the UK's leading independent publishers, Indepenpress have been offering publishing solutions for the new author for 15 years. We offer a range of services from 5 books for £50 and POD options from £695, through to partnership and conventional publication. Previously, we have had three imprints: Indepenpress, Pen Press and Pulp Press, but are now pleased to announce the launch of our new Pink Press imprint.

Another Sun Shines was our first lesbian novel by Annette de Burgh, and her second, Rowing in Eden followed in October 2012. The fantastic Letters to Charlotte by Caeia March (previously published by Women's Press) continues to sell well, as does Sparks Fly Upwards, by the fantastic Allison Peterson. Our first Gay novel, Boys of Club Tiger, was published in January 2012

If you would like to join a successful and innovative independent publishing house, contact:

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Tel: 01273 272758 | Email: info@penpress.co.uk



Allison Peterson

Sparks Fly Awards

978-1-78003-408-9 £8.99

Born in the Shetland islands to a peculiar and distant father, Allison Peterson has had a great deal to contend with in her life. At a very young age, she was forced to come to terms with her sexuality, a task not made easier by her belief that she was entirely alone in her attraction to other women; in later years, she found herself working in psychiatry whilst herself struggling with alcoholism.

In this candid, sometimes funny and often moving memoir, Allison takes the reader through her strange and difficult life: through love and addiction, through spiritual struggles and, finally, to hope.


Caeia March

Publishing her first non-fiction at 25, Caeia then moved into the feminist world of women's literature, history and poetry in her late 20s and 30s. She taught social anthropology at Avery Hill College then creative writing and women's international history at Goldsmith's College.

Caeia has two married sons and three tiny granddaughters. She published many short stories, six novels and a collection of poetry, Moonseanight. Her best selling novels The Hide and Seek Files and Three Ply Yarn are set paLetters to Charlotte was published by Pink Press in 2010 and is available in paperback from Amazon by clicking here, and in Kindle format here. Through a blend of journal entries, real and fictionalised letters, this touching narrative charts the intimate relationship between Charlotte Bronte and Ellen Nussey as they become friends, confidantes and spiritual lovers. It is both a fascinating social document, and an account of how two remarkable women responded to the joys, fears and sorrows of their age, and to the deep emotional bond they found with each other.rtly in Yorkshire where she has travelled widely, giving readings of her work.



Mick Carter

Boys of Club Tiger

978-1-78003-264-1 £7.99

Boys of Club Tiger is an erotic and disturbing story based on an actual incident. The novel follows the lives of a group of misfit and disturbed gay men who frequent or work in the seedy Club Tiger near Camden Town. When a man is found drowned in the canal and his suicide claims he was falsely accused of gay rape, two police offiers get involved and discover an even darker side to Club Tigeer.





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