(1). Who can apply for a bad credit mobile phone?

- If you have bad credit and you’ve been refused a phone contract elsewhere, you are welcome to apply at Indepen Phones. We cater to everyone with a poor credit score because of your history of ccjs or defaults. Just make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for quick processing.

(2). What are the requirements?

- To apply for a phone contract, you only need to meet the most basic of requirements. You must be of legal age (18 years old or above) and a resident in the UK. You must also provide proof of steady income.

(3). What are the types of handsets you offer?

- At Indepen Phones, we are able to offer a wide selection of affordable handsets from top brands including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Nokia, Microsoft and more.

(4). Do you require applicants to be fully employed?

- We do not require applicants to be fully employed. You can be self-employed or working part time. As long as you can provide proof of steady income, you can avail a suitable phone contract deal that fits with your budget.

(5). When can I receive my handset?

- Once your application is approved, we prepare and ship out the handset as soon as possible. You should receive your phone in 24 to 48 hours after approval.

(6). How do I pay for my fixed monthly fee?

- We will set-up a direct debit deduction to cover for the fixed monthly fee. Make sure your debit card has sufficient balance to cover for your liabilities to avoid charges and other fees.

(7). Are there hidden fees?

- There are no hidden fees but we have related charges for late and delayed payments. Call, text and data used in excess of your monthly allowances also mean additional chargers per minute, per text and per gigabyte of data at regular rates.

(8). How long do phone contracts last?

- At Indepen Phones, phone deals are available at a 24-month contract. You will be hooked to a fixed monthly fee for the next 24 months covering the cost of your phone and phone bundle. Once the 24-month lock in period is up, you are eligible to upgrade to a better package and a new phone.

(9). Do your run credit checks?

- Indepen Phones do not run credit checks. Whether you have bad credit because of a ccjs or a previous default, you have nothing to worry about. Provided that you meet the requirements, you are welcome to avail an affordable phone contract only at Indepen Phones.