About Us

Indepen Phones is a leading name in the UK market providing subscribers with bad credit a quick and easy-to-avail alternative to traditional phone contracts. We offer bad credit phone deals at an affordable cost available at 24-month contracts. Like traditional phone contracts, our offers allow customers to choose a handset coupled with a phone bundle on call, text and data at a fixed monthly fee you can afford.

At Indepen Phones, we are committed to help subscribers who have been refused a phone contract elsewhere. With years of experience and servicing subscribers across UK under our belt, we are able to offer one of the most extensive selections of bad credit mobile phones to our customers. We also partner with key players in the market to ensure that each and every one of our customers gets to avail a suitable and budget-friendly phone deal every time.

Since starting, Indepen Phones have already helped thousands of subscribers across UK. We continue to exist so we can help and provide you a bad credit phone deal suitable not only for your needs but also for you budget.