Guide to Mobile Phone Contracts

If you want a new handset but can’t pay for it upfront, getting a phone contact is one of the best ways to get your hands on the latest high-end handsets available in the market. Along with the handset, you also get to avail a great deal on your calls, texts and data usage. It’s no wonder why phone contracts are more preferred by majority of subscribers in the UK.

But while advantageous in a number of ways, choosing a phone contract can be tricky. In fact, the wrong plan may lead to you paying more than what you need and you are using. To avoid the pitfall many people unconsciously fall into, here is a smart guide to help you understand phone contracts better.

What is a phone contract?

A phone contract is a type of phone deal where you get to choose a handset and a phone bundle for your call, text and data needs. In general, phone contracts have a lock in period of 24 months. This means you are required to pay a fixed monthly fee for the next 24 months, which covers the cost of your handset and your phone services.

One of the chief advantages with phone contracts is the freedom to choose your own handset. If you’re especially looking forward to owning the latest high-end handset but has no cash to pay for it upfront, a phone contract saves the day. Provided that you have good credit, you are likely eligible to choose from a wide selection of handsets and phone bundles you can tailor according to needs and budget.

Who is it for?

Phone contracts may be the more popular choice among the different types of phone deals available in the UK but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice for everyone. To get the most value out of your contract, it is essential to find out if a phone contract is indeed right for you.

With its handset choice and phone bundle offer, there are phone contracts available for light, average and heavy user. But phone contracts are ideal for heavy users who want a new handset and a cheaper rate on call, text and data services. In any case, the secret is to make sure your needs are in sync with the phone bundle that you opt for. To start comparing the best deals available in the UK today, click here.

How it works?

As opposed to pay as you go deals, phone contracts let you call, text or browse online on your mobile anytime, anywhere. There’s no need to top up your phone with credit because your contract got you covered. What this means is that you provider is allowing you to avail the services any day, which you will need to pay for by the end of the billing period.

Provided that your usage falls within your phone bundle’s allowances for call, text and data, you only need to pay for the fixed monthly fee. It only gets really expensive when you chose a wrong plan and you are either going under or beyond your bundle’s allowances. This is why it’s very important to know your needs first before signing any phone contract deal.