Alternatives to Phone Contracts

Having a bad credit under your belt may mean an outright disapproval if you’re hoping to apply for a phone contract. Because of your less than perfect credit score, majority of providers in the UK may hesitate to do business with you. Fortunately, there are alternatives to phone contracts you can check out and they include the following:

Pay as you go deals

If you can’t get approved for a phone contract, one of the best alternatives you can check out is a prepaid plan or a pay as you go (PAYG) deal. As opposed to a fixed monthly fee for 24 months, with PAYG you need to top up your phone with credit before you can make a call, send a text and use your phone for browsing online. It is advantageous if you are a light user you rarely relies on your phone for communication needs. Click here for more info on PAYG deals.

Sim only deals

If you own a perfectly working handset but you want cheaper rates on your call, text or data services, Sim only deals may be the perfect option to meet your needs. When you choose this type of deal, you don’t get a handset as part of the plan but only a Sim card with lower rates on your call, text and data services.

With Sim only deals, approval is often guaranteed even if you have bad credit because the fixed monthly fee is significantly lower than traditional phone contracts. There’s also no lengthy lock-in period to worry about. In fact, some providers are now offering Sim only deals for a one-month contract.

Bad credit phone contracts

Once you’ve decided on your handset and you have an accurate estimate of your phone service needs, the next step is to compare available deals in the market. You can kick off the search by using top comparison sites. These sites usually list down the top and best phone deals available. All you need to do is pick the best one for your needs.

Read the fine print

If you think the two alternatives above are not for your, there’s another option you can check out. Offered especially for people with bad credit, bad credit phone contracts are not only easy to avail but it works just like a traditional phone contract. You get to choose a handset along with your phone bundle. This also means paying for a fixed monthly for 24 months. With bad credit phones, however, there’s no need to worry about credit checks. As long as you meet the requirements even if you have bad credit, you are welcome to apply for a phone contract.