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Welcome to Indepen Phones

Getting a phone contact when you have bad credit is not easy. In fact, major providers in the UK may reject your application outright because you are considered a high-risk borrower.

When you are refused a mobile phone contract because of your history of ccjs, defaults or even bankruptcy, Indepen Phones can help. When it comes to quick and easy phone deals in the UK, Indepen Phones is your reliable partner for same day approval applications.

Our Mission

Indepen Phones is a leading name when it comes to providing affordable phone contract deals for people with bad credit. Our mission is to bridge the gap in the market and offer subscribers with bad credit an easy-to-avail alternative to traditional phone contracts. Rather than reject applications, Indepen Phones offer a wide selection of bad credit mobile phones to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

At Indepen Phones, we give you quick access to affordable and feature-packed handsets as well as exciting phone bundles you can tailor according to your needs. Whether it’s your first time applying for a phone contract or you’ve been refused elsewhere, we have plenty of deals for you to choose from. If you want to know if a phone contract is right for you, USwitch has tips you might find helpful.

Our Commitment

Committed to help and serve, Indepen Phones is renowned for our flexible terms, great value phone deals and excellent customer services. At Indepen Phones, we are committed to match your needs with a suitable bad credit phone contract you can truly afford.

We have a team of specialists who can work with you from start to end of the application process. When you apply at Indepen Phones, we guarantee customer satisfaction by ensuring that you have quick access to the best phone deals for your needs.

Indepen Phones also partners with key players in the market including Money Super Market to ensure that you always have a wealth of informative guidelines and tips to help with your decision. You can get a closer at the best deals available the market today at

Our Customers

Indepen Phones cater to everyone with bad credit. Whether you have a history of ccjs or default and you have a poor credit score, you are welcome to apply at Indepen Phones. We do not run credit checks on our customers allowing us to process and approve applications in as fast as one day or even less. Provided that you meet the basic requirements, you can guarantee same day approval every time.

To be eligible for a contract phones for bad credit at Indepen Phones, you need to meet the basic requirements. You must be of legal age, a resident in the UK and must be able to provide proof of steady income along with other documents such as proof of identification, billing address and bank details.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to avail your phone contract deal today, simply follow Indepen Phones’ simple and straightforward application process. To begin, fill out our online application form that takes seconds to complete. One of our specialists will assess your personal circumstance and offer you a list of phone deal recommendations suitable for your needs and budget. Choose your handset and phone bundle then wait for our approval confirmation.

Once your phone contract application is approved, you can expect to receive your handset in 24 to 48 hours delivered right on your doorstep. Congratulations! Now you can use your mobile phone to call, text and browse online.